Thursday, 16 October 2003


Baseball would be far more interesting to watch if the bases were electrified, starving hyenas were allowed onto the field, and landmines were planted at random throughout the ballpark.

"Pierre steps up to the plate... The pitch, he swings, it's a long fly ball, it's going, it's going... And the hyenas drag him off! What a shame they really needed that run, Bill."

"It's hit deep into right field... Sosa is at the track... *explosion heard in background*... How about that?"

Just some ideas that might bring back the fans to a game played by extremely overpaid people that just swing a stick at a ball. Does Derek Jeter really need to make $20,000,000.00 a year? If just one of my idea's was put in place, and he survived, he just might be worth it.

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