Friday, 10 October 2003

Math Skills...

Math Skills...

This morning, while adjusting inventory, I came across something that was rather odd. An additive that has a 1% let down rate was added to 135 lbs of base material. The amount of colorant used was 1.49 lbs. Which led me to ask people as they were walking by what 1% of 135 is. I asked 12 people, out of these 12, four could not give an exact answer, five had to think about it, only three came up with a straight answer of 1.35 right away. My first reaction is to say that these people are idiots, yet no one can really be that stupid, can they? So I put more thought into it and I decide to give these people the benefit of the doubt, and say they just aren't thinking critically.

I find this disturbing. Not just in the simple math, but in life in general. How can we, as a country, expect to get anything done when no thought is being put into life. You can't just wake up and half-assedely go through life. Doing so leads to really bad decisions being made. Like G.W. Bush and the recent Schwarzenegger fiasco in California.

I am surrounded by people that do not think, unfortunately there is nothing special about the place I work so I can assume that these numbers can expand out into the general population.

Which honestly explains why Dubya is president and Ahhnuld heads California.

Either that or people are just stupid

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